F.A.Q. Food Intolerances

Question: Is your app also available for other mobile platforms, such as Windows Mobile?
Answer: We released a version for Google Android. It works on all systems with Android 4.2 or newer. So far there are no plans to release the app for other platforms.

Question: I am missing some of the functions in the Android version of your app, that can be found in the iOS version. Will they be integrated into the Android version in the future?
Answer: Developing an app is very complex and expensive. The versions for Android and iOS have to be developed independently from each other. Our main goal was to create a stable first version, that is also running on slower Android phones. At the moment some functions (i.e. the filter) are missing. In case the app is successful those functions will be integrated at a later point. We are very thankful for any kind of support you can give us! Please recommend our app or leave a rating in the Play Store!

Question: Why is the app only available for a fee?
Answer: We would like to further improve the app and maintain the database, while disclaiming ads. Therefore we decided to distribute the app for a small fee. It is based on extensive research and we think the information is well worth the price. You should not forget, that a comparable book costs about triple the price of our app.

Question: Where does the information in the app come from, what sources are you using?
Answer: We try to use, as far as available, only reliable sources, such as scientific books or other publications. We cite all used sources. The subject food intolerances is strongly influenced by myths and hearsay, that often makes it virtually impossible to gather reliable information. So far we spent hundreds of hours in researching and evaluating data. We are also in contact with many affected persons, that share their experiences with us.

Question: I can‘t find food XY in your app. Could you please add it?
Answer: Please let us know, if you are missing products. We will try to gather the necessary information and add the item to our database. However that is not always easy, in many cases there is no research data available, so we can‘t make promises. We will try and do our best though.

Answer: I read in a forum (a magazine, a website) that the key to overcome a food intolerances is the food supplement XY. Are you going to add this information?
Answer: After years of experience with the subject, we know that there is no easy solution to solve the problem. Many people try to make a profit of the suffering of affected persons, may it be through dubious tests or doubtable food supplements, that are promoted by fake accounts in forums. Our app does not contain any advertisement and therefore we do not recommend products with a doubtable effect.

Methods of treatment progressed immensely for many food intolerances. However, they have to be adapted thoroughly to the individual needs of each patient. Please take care of proper medical treatment and consult your practictioner before taking action into your own hands.

Question: Is it possible to add a translation for language XY?
Answer: We fully support English, German and Dutch. The items of the food list are also translated into Spanish and French. We do not plan to add other languages so far.

Question: Will there be more updates in the future? Will you keep on maintaining the database?
Answer: Yes, we steadily work on further improvements for the app. The app expanded a great deal in both the function volume and the complexity of the information. We also integrated many of the suggestions of affected persons.

Question: Are you going to add recipes to your app?
Answer: At the moment we do not plan to add recipes.

Question: Why can‘t the app list products of widespread producers?
Answer: We are aware that this would be very helpful in many cases. A typical supermarket holds in stock 40,000 different products, that steadily change. We don‘t think that you can gather and keep these information up to date for different countries with a reasonable effort. It would also be a lot more circuitous to browse the database. We want to give usable advice to our customers, detailed comments for everyday products, that explain what you have to watch out for in critical products.

If you have further questions or want to make suggestions for the next version? Please do not hesitate to contact us!

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