Time.Calc is the perfect tool to work with time! Its intuitive user interface makes even complicated time calculations appear simple! 


  • Add and subtract any durations and times
  • Calculate the period between two points in time
  • Optional use of times that contain seconds - so it can be used to calculate the length of playlists
  • Show the results either in time format or in decimal view (input is possible in both formats)
  • Negative time durations can be used as input value and result
  • Support for the 24 hour time format and the 12-houer clock (AM/PM)
  • Mail your calculations or save them to the internal calendar
  • Special mode for calculating working hours – perfect for employees, students or freelancers who want to keep track of their working time
  • Configurable rounding function, e.g for quarter-hour accuracy
  • iPad version supports protocol of your previous calculations
  • Optional comparison with a configurable target working time

Time.Calc has been available on the App Store since 2009 and has thousands of users. As a matter of course, we regularly update the app and provide support when necessary!

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