Whale Watching

A special application for every passionate whale and dolphin whatcher! Take short descriptions for all species with you and use them offline. You also have the possibility to document your own whale sightings. The app helps you to identify species by a number of sophisticated filter mechanisms. Depending on your location, only relevant species are shown.


  • Description text and characteristics of 89 species, this covers oceanic dolphins, porpoises, river dolphins, white whales, beaked whales, sperm whales, rorquals, right whales and gray whales
  • All species with habitat maps, many with photo or drawing
  • Length and weight data both in metric and avoirdupois system (english version)
  • Images galleries for thirteen species, e.g. Humpback Whales, White-beaked Dolphins, Arnoux’s Beakead Whales and Orcas
  • Search for whale species everywhere: just click on a place at the world map to find all resident species
  • Administrative function for own sightings (requires GPS), species that you have seen are shown in color
  • All features are available for offline use
  • Overview map of your own sightings, enhanced maps available with existing network connection
  • Send your sightings by mail or put them into the calendar app

If you are working in whale research please contact us and ask for a free version!