The app Food Intolerances, available on iOS and Android, helps you choose suitable foods

The issue of food intolerance has become an increasingly common topic of discussion in recent years. For those people afflicted, the app Food Intolerances is a practical and handy nutritional guide.

Brief summary:
- Universal app for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Android: Food Intolerances
- Updated versions for iOS and Android
- Designed for people suffering from food intolerance (histamine, fructose, sucrose, sorbitol, salicylates (Aspirin) or lactose)
- Evaluates more than 700 common foodstuffs
- Information about food additives and drugs (for histamine intolerance)
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More and more people, after eating certain foods, suffer from symptoms that can range from mere indigestion, to skin rashes and even to migraine attacks. After being diagnosed, they are often left feeling utterly confused, and contradictory advice from various sources render it extremely difficult to adhere to normal patterns of eating. The situation becomes particularly frustrating if the diagnosis is still fresh, or if he or she is suffering from more than one type of intolerance. This is precisely the moment when having an extensive source of information at hand – at all times – is so vital.

This is a delicate topic and must be approached as freely as possible from outside influences and with an open mind. Otherwise there is a high risk of limiting too strongly the intake of certain foods, and thus depriving the body of integral nutrients. With this app, you will discover all you need to know about over 700 foodstuffs and their roles in relation to various food intolerances.

Histamine Intolerance
For people suffering from histamine intolerance, foods containing histamine cause afflictions that are often random and difficult to categorize, and similar to allergic reactions. Switching to foods that are low in histamine affects sufferers especially badly, however, since there is only vague nutritional information to guide them, and because a food’s histamine content can often be dependent on its freshness and the way in which it is stored and prepared. Alongside histamine, other biological amines, histamine liberators and DAO (diamine oxidase) inhibitors must also be taken into account, while acute sufferers must virtually avoid eating ready meals entirely, which further limits a person’s proper diet.

Malabsorption of carbohydrates
The most common cases of food intolerances involve certain carbohydrates, such as lactose, fructose or sorbitol (sugar alcohol), but estimating the quantities contained in commercial foods is difficult, since there is no requirement to have this information labelled. Food Intolerances provides you with this information, along with other helpful data and commentaries.

Lots of flexibility
As well as the aforementioned cases of intolerance, the app also accounts for salicylate and gluten, with a range of added features available for iPhone users. Upgradeable, in-app packages are available, with information about the most common allergies, cross allergies and other nutritional information. A filter function also makes it remarkably easy to search for specifically suitable foods with high vitamin and nutrient content, eliminating any reliance on expensive dietary supplements. The app ensures that a trip to the supermarket is a far more relaxing and efficient experience than before.

"Food Intolerances": versions for Android and iOS are available for download
Food Intolerances 3.3 (25.2 MB) is available as an universal app in the iTunes AppStore – under the category “Health & Fitness”. It is priced at $5.99.

Food Intolerances 2.1 (5.0 MB) is available in the EU, Switzerland, USA and Australia in the Play Store – under the category “Health & Fitness”. It is priced at €4.99 (or equivalent amount in other currencies).

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