Food Intolerances – Updated version released for Android

After we released an updated version of our app Food Intolerances for the iPhone, it's now turn for the Android version. Learn more about the changes we made in the following post.

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Revised information

There are still huge knowledge gaps regarding the topic of food intolerances. Therefore, we regularly revise all information in our app, go through the latest studies and correct mistakes that managed to sneak in. The new version contains more detailed information, has a revised info section and a significantly increased food database. The app contains now considerably more information that helps you take care of your diet!

New structure

Due to the rising popularity of the low FODMAP diet we decided to restructure the configuration of the sensitivities. In the new version, there are separate options for fructose, sorbitol, oligosaccharides and lactose. Additionally, you have the possibility to display the total content of these so-called FODMAPs.

Besides the expanded options for carbohydrate malabsorptions, tyramine intolerance found its way into the app. With this option, individuals that are on MAO inhibitors and need to restrict their intake of the biogenic amine tyramine can find suitable foods. The tyramine content is also interesting for people with histamine intolerance.

Improved evaluation algorithm

In the new version, dietary recommendations are based on a typical serving. This method provides several advantages, because the average portion size of different food types can vary significantly and may lead to a distorted picture of which foods are to be avoided. There may be some changes in the evaluation of certain foods, but these can mostly be attributed to the changes in portion size.

Further improvements

Besides the revised information, there have been some technical changes to the app, too. We optimized the app for devices with large screen sizes, allowing you to see more information on your screen. We also fixed some minor mistakes and improved the stability.

The new version of Food Intolerances is now ready for download in the google play store. We are looking forward to hearing your feedback!

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