Biogenic amines

Histamine intolerance and reheated dishes

Fresh food usually don´t contain histamine and other biogenic amines, those are primarily formed during the microbial decomposition of certain amino acids in the food. The degree to which a meal is contaminated with histamine mainly depends on the following questions:
  • Are there any histamine-producing bacterial strains present?
  • Is there appropriate substrate (in form of histidine) for histamine production?
  • How fast can the bacteria multiply?
  • Are some of the ingredients already pre-contaminated?
  • What is the activity of histamine-producing enzymes?

Histamine-producing germs thrive in warm environments, therefore proper handling and compliance with certain rules can help to minimize the build-up of histamine. In the following, we explain the backgrounds and tell you why reheated foods have the highest potential of histamine contamination.

Histamine intolerance reheated dishes