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Being affected by food intolerances ourselves, we are horrified by how bad the available information is: countless contradictions and false information dominate the picture and most of those affected are simply desperate. We wanted to do better!
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When we started working on our app Food Intolerances, there was no other app available on the subject. Affected people often carried dozens of copied pages from different books with them to keep track of things on the go. So it quickly became clear to us: Especially for people with multiple food intolerances, an app would be the ideal solution.

Tanja has a MSc in computer science and has been developing iOS apps since 2009. Jürgen has a scientific background as a MSc in engineering and he researches all available information on this topic with tireless dedication. Together, we've already spent over 10,000 hours developing our nutritional apps.

High quality requirements

It is very important to us that our apps are based on trustworthy scientific publications, especially because the quality of many websites on this topic leaves much to be desired. In that respect, we benefit greatly from our experience in scientific research. After months of work we finally released the app Food Intolerances back in 2011.

Unfortunately, restricting the diet can easily lead to deficiencies in certain nutrients. For this reason, we released the app
Natural Food Guide in 2013 and an in-app extension for Food Intolerances which include more than 40 different nutritional values.

Our third app
OxiPur, which focuses on the topics purines and oxalates, was released at the end of 2016. All of our apps have on thing in common: They have been extensively researched and therefore meet our high quality standards.
Privacy is extremely important to us. We believe that you should not pass on your sensitive health data to third parties, especially when you are suffering from a serious illness. That's why you keep full control over your data in all of our apps! We do not collect user data, our apps do not contain advertisements, and we do not publish paid content that has the sole purpose of picking your pocket.
With our unique nutrition apps we would like to provide you with valuable support. At the same time, we also depend on your help. Send us your criticism, suggestions for improvement or questions by e-mail – we are always happy to hear your feedback!


Baliza GmbH

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Tanja Credner and Jürgen Dittert

Email: feedback@baliza.de
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