Time.Calc – FAQ

Question: Is Time.Calc able to record times?
Answer: No, our app only helps you with the calculation of times, but it is not able to record times.
Question: How can I put in e.g. 1200 hours in a calculation?
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Answer: To use hours with more than two digits you have to activate the extended hour mode in the settings dialog. Then you can put in your hours as usual. The small disadvantage of this option is that you will always have to type the : or . yourselve to mark when the input of hours is finished and the input of minutes starts. So please keep this option disabled if you prefer a fast input and don’t need hours greater that 99.
Question: How can I calculate with seconds?
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Answer: Just add another : after your normal input and type your second information. Then you can proceed as usual. It is not possible to use a decimal inputs (e.g. 9,5 h) in combination with seconds.
Question: Do I always need to put hour information even when I only want to calculate with minutes and seconds?
Answer: Yes, this is necessary to determine the units of the input clearly. To save time you can start your input with a : without typing any numbers before.
Question: Why do the green buttons only convert the result and not every input?
Answer: Only the result or rather the latest result in Time Calculator will be converted to avoid confusion. If you want to convert a single time just type it into the Time Calculator and switch the format then.
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