How to create recipes with our apps for iOS

We just finished our latest updates for our iOS apps Food Intolerances, Natural Food Guide and OxiPur, which give you great new features and countless improvements. You can now add foods to your list of favorites and, more importantly, enter you own recipes. This enables you to quickly assess the ingredients of your meals.

How can I create a recipe?

You can add your own recipe in the category My recipes in the main view. Simply tap on Add recipe and add ingredients (see screenshots 1 and 2).



Screenshot 1 & 2: You can add new recipes in the category "My recipes" in the Foods tab.

How to determine the right portion size

Recipes found in cookbooks are usually designed for 2–4 persons, therefore you need to consider the number of servings when you use them as a template. But don't worry – we made it easy for you! Just enter all ingredients and adjust their quantity by tapping on the corresponding item. If you need to enter very large quantities, you can use the input field instead of the slider (see screen­shot 3).

Screenshot 3: Adjusting the quantity of an ingredient.

When you are done entering the ingredients, you can adjust the size of your meal by clicking on the small plate icon above the nutrition table. You will then have to divide the total amount by the number of servings (see screenshot 4). This change won't affect the original recipe you entered!

Screenshot 4: The sum of all ingredients of a recipe for 3 people totals 39 oz. Therefore, one portion is 39 oz./3 servings = 13 oz.

Caution: Entering the correct amount of rice and pasta

Our app focuses on the nutritional values of edible portions of foods. There are no entries for dried rice or pasta. However, most recipes only list the amount of dried ingredients, so you need to modify the quantity. There is a simple rule of thumb for this: 1 part of dried rice or pasta equals two parts of their cooked counterparts. So you just have to double the amount of dried ingredients to get it right.

We hope this answers the most important questions. Have fun trying out the new version of our app!

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